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According to legend, the leaves of shamrock represent hope, faith, love and the fourth for luck. There are approximately 10,000 regular three leaf clovers for each 4 leaf. Shamrocks or clover were used a metaphor by the patron saint of Ireland to represent Father, Son and Holy Ghost which is why they became a symbol of St Patrick’s Day. Wear your green and don’t get pinched!



My daphnes are blooming late this year, i.e. 6 weeks late. If you have never smelled a daphne it should be on your bucket list. This beauty packs a powerhouse of aromatic sweet decadence. Native to Asia, they are similar to rhododendrons and peonies in that they thrive for years when left alone. Their fragrance will fill the entire garden, a sweet citrus aroma. Along with azaleas and rhododendrons they are toxic so caution when having children and pets around them.



Native to Asia and Europe, there are 600 species of ranunculus with some being quite poisonous and other having medicinal properties praised by Hippocrates, from diuretic to anti-inflammatory. Symbolizing “rich in attractions” to the Victorians it now represents “dazzled by your charms.”





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