neroli essential oil

neroli, cucumber, grapefruitDid you know that it takes approximately 2000 lbs of flowers to make one pound of neroli essential oil? The oil is extracted from the bitter orange tree and is believed to have orginated in Asia. However, the Italians were the first to steam distill the oil in the 17th century. Around the same time, the first eau de cologne was created that included a blend of neroli, bergamot, lavender, lemon, petit grain and rosemary.

Neroli oil is known to reduce anxiety and stress as well as an aphrodisiac and having antibacterial properties. It has been shown effective in stimulating cell growth thus beneficial for the skin.

This fragrant ingredient is found in our body mist, along with grapefruit and cucumber. Perfect for misting hair and body throughout the day for a reviving pick me up.

body oil

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Dry, dry skin. Itchy, itchy legs.

Every winter I go through this. In the summer I can use something as simple and easy to find as coconut oil to moisturize my legs. As soon as the temperature drops, though, my legs become unbearably itchy and dry. For years, I’ve had a constant search for the moisturizer, oil, or oil blend that will calm the skin and lock in more hydration.

I know all of the things you’re supposed to do for dry skin in winter–don’t shower every day, don’t use very hot water, don’t shave legs too often, do moisturize immediately after a shower or bath, do eat healthy fats, and so on and so forth.

I do all of these things! I have been doing them for years! I still feel like I need moisturizer 3 times a day on my legs…When I stopped using chemicals in my body products a few years ago, that alleviated a little bit of the problem, but it still persists.

HOWEVER! I may have found the antidote! I used this luxurious new USDA organic body oil from HollyBeth Organics once a day (at night) for a week, and after the 2 showers that I took that week as well. This made a HUGE difference! It’s a process, and I know that I need more time to heal the scratched skin, but I think I’m on the road to recovery

The blend of base oils is apricot seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. The apricot seed oil penetrates quickly and deeply, while the pumpkin seed oil helps cellular rejuvenation to rebuild damaged skin, and the sunflower seed oil is very anti-inflammatory. The essential oil blend smells fantastic, very light and fresh, with litsea, ylang ylang, and black pepper

I’m so glad I found this amazing body oil from HollyBeth Organics!

Becca Bussert

Apricot Seed Oil

We asked Rebecca Bessert to enlighten us on our newest ingredient, apricot seed oil, in our new body oil.

This wonderful summer fruit brings back memories of my grandmother’s trail mix, which was primarily composed of dried apricots. The fresh fruit is great because it’s sweet but not messy like peaches can be. I also remember the time last summer when I got to the pit of the apricot, and it was split open. I had never seen an apricot seed before! It looked a little like an almond, and felt a little softer. I thought it should be fine to eat, just like other seed nuts…Man, that was bitter! I did a little research after that incident, and learned that the flavor is literally the only bad thing about it! I was actually doing myself a favor by eating it:
Apricot seeds (or kernels) are high in many nutrients, including vitamin B17, oleic and lineolic fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, and E. It’s also high in antioxidants. The best way to get those is through the apricot seed oil. It tastes better than the seed, I can assure you. You can ingest the oil through capsules or use it for high temperature cooking, since it has a high smoke point. It’s great in a salad dressing, too.
But–it’s also an amazing addition to your skincare! The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and help fight signs of aging. This is essential for dry skin, cracked skin, and thin skin. It also adds a subtle sweet, nutty aroma that’s not overpowering. It’s also easily absorbed into the skin, so you won’t have to worry about waiting around before getting dressed while you let it sink in. (Take that, olive oil!)
Apricot seed oil is one of the main ingredients in HollyBeth’s new body oil! I can’t wait for you to try it! It’s also safe to use on your face.